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tv   11 News at 5AM  NBC  December 15, 2009 5:00am-5:30am EST

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at the airport. 45 degrees in westminster. 30% chance of rain shower in the forecast out in the mountains. a little bit of fog. let's see if that is affecting the roads. let's say good morning to sarah caldwell. >> we are not seen any problems related to the fog at the moment. reports at the memorial bridges with fog warnings. problem free on the j.f.x. is smooth ride on the west side. let's check drive times for you. 12 minutes on the west side of the loop.
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let's give you a live look at traffic this morning. so far so good. patchy fog and in areas. the entire stretch of 95 you will deal with some fog. it is not as bad as as today. fog warnings are in affect so be careful this morning. back to you. >> baltimore city's hyle -- homicide rate is compared to last year. >> our reporter has more on the city's plans to combat crime. >> we are at the courthouse this morning because it is up to prosecutors to put the criminals in jail. they are deploying a new strategy to make sure fewer criminals have a chance to become the police.
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-- released. the murder rate was 234 last year. that was a 20-year low for baltimore city. officials say anti-done initiatives are making the facts against the violence. many armed robbers and graduate to murder. now the state's attorney's office is working with police officers to make sure armed robbery cases are pursued with detail to increase the chances of jail time. >> we have worked harder to develop a stronger protocol in prosecuting these robbery cases. >> they hope to drop the murder rate in 2010. wbal-tv. >> city police are citing a police-involved shooting in broad daylight as an example that there crime strategy is working. it was shortly after 12:30
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yesterday. i suspect shot a man and woman in the legs and fled on foot. this is the third police involved shooting in the last 10 days. >> people are getting shot in broad daylight on street corners. bad guys with guns have to go to jail. >> bad guys and guns. it is very clear that our energies have to be placed on a getting their thighs with -- guns in the guise of of the street. >> they are all expected to survive. federal funds are headed to one area in maryland. the governor announced the state crime lab will receive a total of $1.2 million in stimulus funds.
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the baltimore city police the permit is expected to receive $375,000. >> the recent announcement of funding for the red line is gaining criticism from canton residents. the money to get the line up and running by 2016 -- the city says it is a done deal. the residents say the fight is not over. >> the proposed redline track will connect the east and west side of baltimore. it is a project that many have been working on. >> air quality is a major issue. downtown as low as other parts of the city -- this is one thing we can take to improve the region's quality of life. >> the proposed light rail would travel along boston street where some residents see a problem. >> it will come out in the middle of an urban landscape
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where millions of dollars has been spent. there is a real issue of safety if traffic will become worse. >> the city transportation department is ready and aware of the concerns. they say covering the tracks underground is too expensive. >> other issues need to be worked through. we think this is the best course of action. >> $3 million of federal money will go towards the red line project. that money will be used to help design the final plan. >> i think the money will be better spent on a bus line. the buses go down the streets with no problem. they are more flexible. >> it will ensure that they will have a fee at the negotiation table after the process. >> we are willing to hear anything they have to say that will make this project better
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and make it so that it was done the right way in the first place. we are not giving up. >> wbal-tv. >> city residents are raising eyebrows over their decision to spend uniforms for employees at the 311 call center. they never proved $24,000 for new uniforms for workers. workers must wear a uniform to promote professionalism and consistency. mayor sheila dixon stands by the decision. >> it is a uniform. it has been a couple of years. they will monitor how much of that they will spend on it. >> that brings us to our watercooler question of the day. what do you think about city hall approving $24,000 for new uniforms for 311 call center employees amid recent police and fire department cuts? email us your response to
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>> it is all about jobs in harford county. they will spend money for buildings that will house some jobs that will be created in harford county by the fall of 2011 b asrac begins constructions -- as brac begins construction. >> it to be around $85,000 a year. these are high-paying, high-tech jobs. >> the good news does not stop there. it is credited with the sale of thousands of homes between now and 2011. a high-security prison in illinois could become the site for some guantanamo bay trainees. the obama administration is expected to announce its plans to announce thomas correctional
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center as the place to help shut down guantanamo bay. president obama whatever suspects on american soil so they can be charged for their crimes. >> coming up, a suspect in indiana is breaking in to steal weapons. >>
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>> welcome back. there is some fog out there this morning. it is not thick fog like yesterday. it may slow you down a little bit. a cold front is going to come through during the middle of the day that may kick off some while late scattered showers -- widely scattered showers.
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up to 55 this afternoon. 30% chance of rain showers in the forecast. we will tell you more when we come back in a few minutes. >> a suicide bomber struck an area early this morning in kabul. it is unclear if the home of a former vice president was the target. the president's -- the afghanistan president says several were killed. this was the early morning seen in baghdad were a series of car bombs kill the least four and injured several others. it is unclear if the buildings were the targets. >> a lot of robbers commit crimes with weapons.
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but if you suspects are committing crimes to get their hands on weapons. a stolen suv was driven through a gun shop. they made off with rifles and shotguns. the handguns and assault weapons were locked up. they continue to search for the suspects. >> some baltimore ravens are helping to spread the holiday spirit. >> your ride at of
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>> pleasant road up there. >> at the memorial bridges some fog warnings. a new accident in all and smell. it is that painter's mill road in reisterstown road. it could be a while before they are able to clear the accident. fog warnings in effect on 95 throughout the entire stretch all the way down to what march. keep that in mind. as far as our speed sensors, we are doing quite well. a smooth ride on the j.f.x. the west side of the beltway is checking out just fine. volume slowly begins to develop here. a bit of fought at the cecil
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moral bridge. that is the latest on the roads and bridges. but the latest on mta. >> a delay on the light rail right now about 15 minutes late. metro subway on schedule. the 22 bus has a 15 minute delay. the water main break repair on madison causing a diversion for another bus. on-time service on the camden and brunswick lines. now back to tony pann. >> things are pretty quiet today. in little but the fog may slow you down in a few spots. it is not as thick as it was yesterday. the rain will stay up north in pennsylvania for the most part.
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a 30% chance that you may run into a brief rain shower during the day today. most of the rain is down to the south. temperatures will be well below zero across the midwest. you can see cold air getting ready to go eastbound. we will stay in the 30's for the rest of the week for the most part. it is going to be nice and mild before the cold comes through. 45 at the airport. we could get temperatures jumping into the upper 50's in some areas. a mixture of clouds and a little bit of sunshine.
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tonight, the skies will clear in the cold will start to come in. an 30's in the city. dry weather has called care comes across still waters. it means a drop in the temperatures for us. 38 on thursday. 40 tomorrow. overlie temperatures in the teens and 20's. a chance for some snow over the weekend perhaps starting on saturday blasting into sunday morning. we will keep our eye on that. >> holiday shopping season can
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be hectic. take time to double check the price you pay. stores are legally required to put. a price display in your view. if you can't a problem with a price, let the store owners know. the half a dozen large airports aren't trying to train employees on customer service charm. they are learning to be resourceful in finding solutions. >> more banks are lining up to repay taxpayers. we have a look at the business news in a bloomberg business report. >> financial stocks will remain
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in focus again today as well fargo and citigroup are announcing that they will be repaying their tarp money. wells fargo has been upgraded to a buy on this news. there are more likely to promote from within the company. u.s. bank problems are yet to peak according to one firm. they said the asset quality will keep deteriorating and profitability may remain weak for the next few years. we have stock futures pointing to a slightly lower open to things today. exxon mobil agreed to buy the energy company in one of the biggest energy takeovers.
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general motors and ford says they will pay increases to employees in the next year. i am reporting for wbal tv 11 news. >> federal officials are calling it operation holiday hopes, a crackdown of vendors profiting from the knockoff business. 700,000 counterfeit items were confiscated. it includes brand name clothing, cds and dvds. >> they are feeding on other people. they are putting americans out of work. >> vendors continue to sell phony designer bags.
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some are blocks away from homeland security headquarters. >> coming up, and it of look at your morning commute -- another look at your morning commute. >> the ravens have a sprint to the playoffs. sports is next. >> do not forget to e-mail us your answer to the watercooler question of the day. what do you think about city hall approving $24,000 for new uniforms for 311 call center employees amid recent police and fire department cuts? email us your response to
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the >> good morning, everybody. the ravens are going in to the
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final three weeks of the season. they have the easiest schedule. if they win three in a row, they will get a playoff chance. some said tonight it to excited, but i disagree. it is ok to be fired up. the ravens to not let bad teams beat them. they broke a couple of ravens record. a new team record for td's with rice leading the way. >> they have not let down in any week. you never say our guys have not gone out and played tremendously hard and fought right down to the end for a couple of years now. >> as far as the rest of the competition, they lost sunday 5-
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8. they play the waiverraiders. and they stink. have a good day. >>ray rice has a thing for the no. 200. >> he spent time to help more than 200 city students. they had a holiday celebration yesterday afternoon. the ravens quarterback and a line backer joined rice to help provide gives for them. >> and the polar bear plunged will begin next month. 45 degrees on tv help.
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-- hill. >> prosecutors and police are working together to put away criminals. details are next. >> the president calls democrats to the hill to discuss health care. >> a bit of arctic air coming back. the forecast it in a few minutes. >> an accidental in the killings mail.
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>> good morning, everybody. welcome back to 11 news today. >> thanks for joining us. let's check weather and traffic. let's check weather and traffic.